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Neophylarcha helicosema

(Neophylarcha helicosema)


Neophylarcha helicosema is a moth in the Copromorphidae family, and the only species in the genus Neophylarcha. It is found in Guyana and French Guiana. The wingspan is 15–17 mm. The forewings are whitish-ochreous, posteriorly tinged brownish-ochreous with some fuscous speckling and with short blackish-grey marks from the costa and dorsum at the base. There is an oblique blackish-grey shade from the costa at one-fifth reaching half across the wing, and a white spot emitting a short zigzag streak margined on each side by blackish-grey from costa at two-fifths, the space between these and on an oblique area beyond them suffused brownish-ochreous, from beneath the apex of spot a rather oblique line of blackish-grey irroration runs to the dorsum and there is a curved series of black dots or sublinear marks edged anteriorly with white scales running from the costa before three-fourths near the margins to the termen above the tornus. The hindwings of the males are whitish-grey-ochreous, while those of the females are grey.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Insecta
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