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Mycetophagus punctatus

(Mycetophagus punctatus)


Mycetophagus punctatus, sometimes called the hairy fungus beetle, is a species of fungus beetle. Fungus beetles often build heavy populations throughout the late summer and early fall. These mold-feeding beetles are sometimes found in decaying plant material, damp cereals, grains, herbs, spices, cheese, jam, fibers and carpeting, especially in cellars. Attracted by lights, these small beetles, can crawl or fly through window or door screens, and then wander aimlessly. Heavy populations of fungus beetles may first show up trapped in bathtubs, sinks or around lamps and TV sets. They do not bite, sting, spread human diseases nor damage wood, food, fabric, etc. they are just annoying little bugs that will non go away. There are ways to prevent the fungus beetles from coming into your home. You can make the damp places in your house dry. these beetles are attracted to wetness. You can also make sure when you drop food you clean it up so it will not mold and attract the beetles. Another thing you can do is close all of your dry food in insect-proof containers, this will make it so your food will not mold and attract the beetles. If you already have the beetles and do not know how to get the moisture problems fixed then you could try to use household fungicides, if that does not work then try household aerosol. When sprayed around windows, lights, doors, baseboards and crevasses it will kill many beetles.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Insecta
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