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Navajo Jerusalem cricket

(Stenopelmatus navajo)



Stenopelmatus navajo,commonly known as the Navajo Jerusalem cricket,is a species of nocturnal Jerusalem cricket in the family Stenopelmatidae.It is endemic to the United States,specifically Arizona,and found under rocks in loose soil.The genus name is from the Greek word stenos (στενος)- "narrow,straight" + pelma (πελμα)- "sole (of the foot)".It is closely related to S.fuscus and they have nearly identical drumming patterns.They live one to two years as adults,but can die prematurely by parasitic infections,commonly by the horsehair worm.It is very large,compared to others of the same genus,with a pale,sand coloration that provides camouflage in sand dunes.Like all Jerusalem crickets,they are wingless and have the ability to regenerate legs.They use their strong,spiny legs to burrow rapidly when disturbed.This species has a wide head and powerful jaws that deliver painful,but non-venomous bites.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Insecta
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