Chordates •

Chestnut-capped piha

(Lipaugus weberi)


The body of the male measures on average 24.8 cm in length and that of the female 23.9 cm;the tail of the male 10.4 cm and that of the female 10.7 cm;the wingspan,13.1 cm in the male and 12.5 cm in the female,all of which shows a sexual dimorphism,in which the tail of the female and the wings and the body are slightly larger of the male The plumage is uniform dark gray,but it has a crown with chestnut feathers that,extending up to the nape of the neck,results in a rust-brown coat.Your eye ringis yellow.Towards tail at the end of the back appear oliváceo brown tones.The tail is a grayish brown color.The belly looks silver gray and under the tail the feathers are tan.The legs are gray and below yellow.It weighs around 72 g

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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