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Small Sulawesi cuscus

(Strigocuscus celebensis)



The Cusco dwarf of Sulawesi ( Strigocuscus celebensis Gray,1858 ) is an arboreal marsupial of the Falangeridae family Sulawesi's cusco dwarf is a small marsupial,similar to an opossum covered with a soft light-colored chamois fur.It has a head-body length of 29.4-38 cm and a tail of 27-37.3 cm;it weighs about 1 kg.Like the other 25 species of cusks and opossums that make up the Falangeridae family,it has a short snout,with bulging eyes and a hairless nose.The legs have five fingers,all with strong claws,with the exception of the first toes of the hind legs.These fingernail-free fingers are opposable to the other fingers of the hind legs,as are the first two toes of the front legs compared to the other three.This allows the cusco to firmly grasp the branches of the trees;this characteristic,combined with the prehensility of the long tail,makes the cusco nano of Sulawesi an excellent climber.The female has a well developed baby carrier open on the front which contains two to four nipples

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Mammalia
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