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Woma python

(Aspidites ramsayi)



Aspidites ramsayi or Python Ramsay or Woma is a species of snake's family of Pythonidae.It is a constrictor snake that is about 150 cm long.The head is narrow,the eyes small.The body is stocky and flattened;the tail is fine and pointed.The scales are small and seem smooth.There are about 50 to 65 scales in the middle of the body,280 to 315 ventral scales.The anal scale is unique and there are 40 to 45 scales usually sub-caudal simple.Some of the last subcutaneous scales may be irregularly divided.The color ranges from medium brown and olive to lighter orange,pink or red forms arranged in bands.The belly is cream or light yellow with brown and pink spots.The scales around the eyes are usually darker than the rest of the head.It is a nocturnal animal that rests during the day in the hollow of a stump or under a pile of leaves.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Reptilia
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