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Australian painted snipe

(Rostratula australis)



The Australian water dog ( Rostratula australis ) is a species of charadriform bird of the Rostratulidae family native to Australia.The length varies from 24 to 30 cm,the wingspan 50-54 cm and the weight from 125 to 130 g.The head,neck and upper chest are chocolate brown,attenuating reddish in the center of the back of the neck and fusing to dark gray barred on the back.It has a cream-colored dot around the eye and a white stripe on the side of the chest and shoulders.The upper part of the wings are gray (with buff spots on the males).The lower part of the chest and the lower part are white.The males are generally a little smaller and less bright than the females.Young birds are similar to adult males.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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