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Blackspotted torpedo

(Torpedo fuscomaculata)



The maximum reported length for this ray is 64 cm.It has a rounded pectoral fin disc and two dorsal fins,with the base of the first placed entirely above the pelvic fins.The tail has a ridge-like lateral fold and a small caudal fin.The spiracles are fringed with small papillae.The clasper glans region does not have an integumental flap,as in Torpedo panthera and Torpedo adenensis.The coloration is generally yellowish or reddish-brown above,with numerous closely packed dark brown spots.However,there is enormous variation in the number,size,and disposition of the darker spots,and some specimens have a dark grayish- or blackish-brown dorsal coloration with no spots at all.Other specimens have gray flecks along with the darker spots,or an altogether gray coloration.The population from Mauritius may be distinct,as they have smaller,more regularly displayed spots on a lighter background color.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Elasmobranchii
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