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(Varanus giganteus)



Varanus giganteus is a species of reptiles of the genus Varanus,family varanidae described by Gray 1845.According to the Catalog of Life species Varanus giganteus has subspecies known.The giant dragon ( Latin: Varanus giganteus ) is the largest dragon who lives in Australia and in total the fourth largest living lizard in the world,behind the komodo dragon,species Varanus salvadorii and water monitors.Their habitat is west of the Great Deal Mine,but they are rarely happy because of their retreat and location of their habitat far away from humans.Divorce has had a significant influence on the culture of Australian Aborigines,which is evident in totems and other forms of spirituality.They were a favorite dish among the aboriginal tribes,and their salon was used for medical and ceremonial functions.There is also a large number of aboriginal art and related stories.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Reptilia
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