Chordates •

Choco vireo

(Vireo masteri)



The back is olive green,just olive-colored on the front and greener and brighter on the back.The central pair of flight feathers of the tail is olive green and the remaining three have brown fringe.The flight feathers of the wing are dark brown matte,with a narrow olive green border in the secondaries and more pale to yellowish in the primary ones and in general terms with tip of white slightly dyed of yellow mate and yellow tones on the wing.Lords and dark olive supra-real orbital band that extends to the ear;dark brown iris.The cheeks and the ear are ocher;the chin and throat are whitish;the chest ocher to yellow,with olive tones on the sides and cream to white on the abdomen.The legs are blue-gray It measures 11.5 cm.The wing length reaches 5.4 cm,the tail length 3.5 cm and the tarsier length 1.7 cm.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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