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Atlantic sturgeon

(Acipenser sturio)



The common sturgeon (Acipenser sturio),also known as sollo or marion,is a species of acipenseriforme fish of the Acipenseridae family,perhaps the most representative species of the genus Acipenser.The maximum length that was described was of a male that reached 5 meters,2 and the maximum weight was 400 kg.It is a kind of large size that can reach 350 cm in total length and 300 Kg can live up to a hundred years.The body is elongated with a pentagonal section and a caudal fin heterocerca.It does not present scales and the body is covered with small denticles and five rows of bony plates (10 to 15 dorsal plates,29 to 38 lateral plates and 10 to 12 ventral plates).It has 4 barbels and a very prominent snout.The back is brown or dark gray,paler on the sides and white belly.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Actinopterygii
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