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American bittern

(Botaurus lentiginosus)



The lentiginous bittern or American bittern ( Botaurus lentiginosus ) is a species of bird pelecaniforme of the family Ardeidae own North America and Central.It is a large,robust and brown-colored bird,very similar to the common bittern ( Botaurus stellaris ).It measures between 59 and 70 centimeters high,with an amplitude of wings of 95 to 115 centimeters.Although it is common in its natural habitat,the American bittern is difficult to see because it usually hides among the reeds of swamps,bogs and meadows.He usually leads a solitary life,always surrounded by vegetation.If you feel you have been located,stop moving,pointing your head up,confusing yourself with your surroundings.Its peak of activity is at nightfall.Being more listened than seen,this bittern has a song that resembles a congested bomb.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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