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Cattle egret

(Bubulcus ibis)



The Cattle Egret ( Brazilian Portuguese ) or cattle egret or Cattle Egret ( European Portuguese ) ( Bubulcus ibis ) is a heron country,predominantly insectivorous but can also eat vertebrates such as fish and frogs.Native to northern Africa and southern Europe (more specifically in the Iberian Peninsula ),with first record in America,on the border of Guyana and Suriname in1877,having apparently crossed the Atlantic and in Brazil its first record was in the year 1965,in the Island of Marajó.She was given the names of heron and heron because it was predominantly insectivorous and often kept close to cattle in search of livestock and insect parasites.This species has a large area of ​​occupation,with an estimated global occurrence of 10 million square kilometers.Its global population is estimated at 3.8-6.7 million individuals.It is also known by the names of cunacoi and cupara (in Brazil) and carraceira (in Portugal).

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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