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Giant rain frog

(Breviceps gibbosus)



Breviceps gibbosus is an amphibian species of the genus Breviceps.The body is very compact.The head-hull length is up to 96 millimeters.The upper part of the body is covered with warts,the underside is granulated.The upper side is brown with a wide,yellow-brown,jagged longitudinal band on the back and an indistinct,same-colored lateral strip on both sides.The forehead is short.The mouth is short.The eyes are small,their diameter is one-tenth to fifteenth of the head-trunk length.The limbs are very short.The first and second fingers are the same length.The second finger is as long or slightly longer than the fourth finger.The fifth toe is no longer than the first toe.The subarticular humps are clearly recognizable.The medial metatarsal humpis very large,scoop-shaped and longer than the first toe.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Amphibia
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