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Hoge's side-necked turtle

(Mesoclemmys hogei)


Mesoclemmy's hogei is a tortoise species described by Mertens 1967.Mesoclemmy's hogei is part of the Mesoclemmy family and the family snake turtles.The IUCN categorizes the species globally as highly threatened.No subspecies are listed in the Catalog of Life The species occurs at different rivers in southeast Brazil.It also visits smaller streams and lakes.Mesoclemmy's highland lives in the lowlands up to 500 meters above sea level. Honor comes with an up to 38.4 cm long shield and a maximum weight of 3.0 kg a little bigger than males.The latter can have a 38.0 cm long shield and a weight up to 2.75 kg.Between January and April,the female places 5 to 11 eggs at an occasion.Some 15-year-old individuals were registered and,estimated,the species could be 20 years old.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Reptilia
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