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Arakan forest turtle

(Heosemys depressa)



Heosemy's depression is a turtle species described by British research traveler John Anderson in 1875.Heosemy's depression is included in the genus Heosemys and the Geoemydidae family.IUCN categorizes the species globally as acute threatened.The species occurs in northern Burma near the border with China.The carapace,which reaches a length of 260 mm,is light brown.The plastron is yellow with spots or streaks tending to dark brown or black that radiate on every scute.The head varies in color from gray to brown,the neck and legs are brownish-yellowish.Because of its rarity and the recent rediscovery,little is known about the behavior and biology of this species.Captive individuals are apparently omnivorous,feeding on bananas,strawberries,lettuce,earthworms and mice.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Reptilia
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