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American oystercatcher

(Haematopus palliatus)



Birds American snails ( binomial nomenclature : Haematopus palliatus ) is a bird in they Haematopodidae.This bird has black and white body fur and long,thick orange beak.This bird is about 42 - 52 cm long.It is found on the Atlantic coast of North America from New England to northern Florida,where it is also found in the Gulf of Mexico,and south to north America.It is also found in the Pacific Rim of Mexico,Central Americaand northern South America.In the 19th century,they became extinct in the northeast by hunting for markets and picking up eggs.After receiving protection under the Birdwatching Convention,their range extends north to re-occupy the historic New England habitat.American cockroaches are closely associated with the coastal habitat.They nest on beaches on the coastal islands and eat marine invertebrates.Large heavy beak,used to detect open shells of mollusks.American cockleshells lay a nest of two or three eggs.In winter,they are found in the herd along the coast from central New Jersey to the Gulf of Mexico.His eyes are yellow with a red border.Its head is all black and the mantle has a dark brown color.The chest is white and has a white entrance on the wing.When it flies it shows a white band in the secondary ones.The tail is dark brown with white at the base.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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