Chordates •

Greater slow loris

(Nycticebus coucang)



The loris of Sonda,slow loris or lazy loris ( Nycticebus coucang ) is a species of strepsirrhine primate of the family Lorisidae of Sondalandia.It measures 30 to 38 cm long and weighs 1 to 2 kg.The hair is dense,woolly,short and soft,of a fawn color with shades ranging from grayish or yellowish chestnut to reddish brown,and in the ventral area it is yellowish or grayish white.Along the back,the nape and even the forehead has a narrow black band.The snout is short.Between the forehead and the snout presents whitish hair around the eyes,which are surrounded by dark brown rings.A tendency of the dorsal band to accentuate is observed as it moves from north to south of the dispersal area of ​​the species,so that it approaches the ears and becomes confused with the facial mask.The fingers are short and the second finger of the hand is very small,but in the hind limbs,the second finger has a long specialized nail for mutual grooming.It has numerous dorsal vertebrae,which allows it to rotate the trunk with respect to the abdomen.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Mammalia
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