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Forest wagtail

(Dendronanthus indicus)



The forest Llavandera or Llavandera of mounts ( Dendronanthus indicus ) e one species d ' ave paseriforme the family Motacillidae.It has a distinctive pendent that differentiates between other species and has the ability to move the llau tail unlike the usual movements of the other species of llavandera.Ye the only species of llavandera qu'añera us trees.It lives mainly in forest habitats,reproducing the temperate zones of eastern Asia and the tropical rainforest from India to Indonesia.Ye monotypicdientro de xéneru DendronanthusYea páxaru delgáu cola cola llarga,measures about 18 cm of llargor.The back and the crown are olive brown,and the nales are black with two marielles bars and white tertiary edges.She has a superciliar white line,percima d'un franxa escura a traviés del güeyu.The lower parts are white,more than a double black band nel pechu.Dambos sexes are similar n'apair.The nine birds are more amarellentaes na bottom

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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