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New Zealand fur seal

(Arctocephalus forsteri)



Arctocephalus forsteri,the Australasian fur seal,South Australian fur seal,New Zealand fur seal,Antipodean fur seal,or long-nosed fur seal,is a species of fur seal found mainly around the South and Western coasts and offshore islands of Australia,and the North Island and South Island of New Zealand.The name New Zealand fur seal is used by English speakers in New Zealand;kekeno is used in the Māori language.As of 2014,the common name long-nosed fur seal has been proposed for the population of seals inhabiting Australia.Males have been reported as large as 160 kg;their average weight is about 126 kg.Males can be 2 meters long.Females are between 30–50 kg on average,and can be as long as 1.5 meters.Pups are 3.3–3.9 kg on average,and between 40 and 55 cm long.At 290 days old males are about 14.1 kg,and females are about 12.6 kg.They have external ears and hind flippers that rotate forward,which visibly distinguish them from other seals.They have a pointy nose with long pale whiskers.The fur seals are covered by two layers of fur.The coat is grey-brown on their back,and lighter on their belly.Some have white tips on longer upper hairs,which can give them a silver-like appearance.So called "Upland Seals" once found on Antipodes Islands and Macquarie Island have been claimed as a distinct subspecies with thicker furs by scientists although it is unclear whether these seals were genetically distinct.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Mammalia
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