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Leith's leaping frog

(Indirana leithii)



Indirana leithii (Leith's leaping frog or Matheran Indian frog) is a species of frog found in the Western Ghats of India.Indirana leithii is a terrestrial species associated with leaf-litter of moist,tropical,semi-evergreen forest,including degraded forests.Vomerine teeth in two oblique groups just behind the level of the choanae.A free,pointed papilla on the middle of the tongue.Head moderate;snout obtuse,with obtuse canthus rostralis and concM e loreal region;nostril nearer to the end of the snout than to the eye;interorbital space a little narrower than the upper eyelid• tympanum distinct,two thirds the diameter of the eye.Fingers moderate,first not extending quite as for as second;toes two-thirds webbed,the web reaching the disks of the third and fifth toes;tips of fingers and toes dilated into small but well-developed disks;subarticular tubercles moderate;a single,small,oval inner metatarsal tubercle;no tarsal fold.The tibio-tarsal articulation reaches halfway between the eye and the end of the snout.Skin of back with small scattered longitudinal warts;a strong fold from the eye to the shoulder.Brown above,with small dark spots;limbs with dark transverse bands;lower parts white,throat mottled with brown.From snout to vent 1.25 inches

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Amphibia
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