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Jerdon's babbler

(Chrysomma altirostre)



The Jerdon timali ( Chrysomma altirostre ) is a species of passerine bird of the Sylviidae family that lives in the south of Asia.Enantes was classified as a Timaliidae family,but three families were found when the xenical proximity of the Chrysomma xéneru was demonstrated,as members of the Sylvia and Paradoxornis genera.You are a small spider,measuring 16-17 cm in total length,with entomedy morphology between the papules ( Sylvia ) and the pheasants ( Paradoxornis ).They have a long tail that allows pa to be allowed when brought into the vegetation.The sound was thicker than the papules but did not add # as robust as the peppers.The plumage of your peak parts and chestnut color and the sound banduyu ye cinnamon color,which is so gargüelu and pechu are in a grayish color.I usually have the lorumof color coritu that diffuses pol restu of the face,although the nominal subspecies have also of gray color ablancazáu.The tail and nales are usually more acolorataes than the rest of the cimeres parts and tend to have more abuxaes puntes.They are pates are escures and the so-called abuxáu,more claru na inferior.The iris of the suckers is brown and brown and has an ocular mariellu greenish eye.The two sexes are similar d'aspeutu,and the xuveniles are of more orange tones and have the lower part of the pink picu.You differentiate between subspecies are llixeres,being the population of the central population of brown tones more temperate and with grays more drained.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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