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Menetries’s warbler

(Sylvia mystacea)


The papuda of Menetries (Sylvia mystacea) and a species of passerine bird of the family Sylviidae that lives in the southwest of Asia and l'estremu nororiental d ' Africa.The solemn commemorates the French zoologist Édouard Ménétries who described the species in 1832.Ta closely related to the Sardinian papuda tail (Sylvia melanocephala ) of the Mediterraneu and which has a similar aspeutu.The papuda of Menetries measures between 12 and 14 cm of llargu and has a valumbu alar d'entre 15 and 19 cm,and weighs about 9-11 grams.The so cola is relatively long and corita cabbage plumes estras blanques.Suel caltenela arguta or moving it from riba abaxo or llau a llau.The sock is quite robust and draining pink base.He has a clear periocular year.The machu of the nominal subspecies,S.m.mystacea,they have cimeres parts of color abuxáu escuru and the inferior ones ablancazaes with a white infrabigotera and the pink pechu and gargüelu.It has the topmost metaphor of the corita head that s'esclaria hides behind until the gray nape,unlike the papuda sarda that has it totally black.The papuda of Menetries has plumes terciaries of uniform color unlike the papuda sarda that you have escures nel centru and colos clear chants.The western subspecies,S.m.rubescens,they have cimeric parts of a gray more claru than the nominal subspecies and the rosáu of the inferior parts also and more claru or escarez d'él.The oriental subspecies,S.m.turcmenicaThey also have gray cimeres and pink inferiors more clares than the nominal one and tend to be lighter than the other two subspecies.The males of the papuda of Menetries become more parduzos fora of the breeding season and the head less façade.The fem has cimeres parts of clear abduced parus tones and lower blooms.Paecer to the femes of the papuda sarda and the papuda carrasqueña,although they have more uniform primaries and more contrast between the llombu claru and the tail escura.The immature males of the first year are similar to femes,although they have a pink dagger,nel gargüelu and pechu.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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