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Dartford warbler

(Sylvia undata)



The Dartford warbler is a small (13 cm (5.1 in)) passerine bird,distinguished by its long tail compared with that of other warblers.Its plumage comprises unobtrusive and muted tones,which blend in with the dry dead plants,old wood or sunny greyish wood found in its preferred habitats.Like many typical warblers,the Dartford warbler has distinct male and female plumages.The male has a grey back and head,reddish underparts,and a red eye.The reddish throat is spotted with white.The sides are a dull greyish tone,being more clear about the abdomen.In some populations males have bluish-grey or brownish-grey backs and heads.The female is paler below,especially on the throat,and a browner grey above.The female's throat also has white spots,although they are smaller and less marked than in the male.Juvenile birds are similar to females.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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