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Siau Island tarsier

(Tarsius tumpara)



Tarsius tumpara is a species of ghosts living on the island of Siau north of Sulawesi in Indonesia.Confirmed Swedish name is missing.Until recently,Tarsius was considered tumpara as the same species as Tarsius sangirensis on the neighboring Sangir,but since 2006 it is its own species.Conservation status : acute threatened.The species is considered one of the 25 most threatened primates in the world.The existence of the species as a separate taxon was predicted by the hybrid biogeographical hypothesis of Sulawesi.The reasoning behind the prediction was the existence of a geographical discontinuity between Sulawesis north tip and the ghost population at Sangir 200 km north.In between there is the deep sea,with three small island groups,Biaro,Tagulandang / Ruang,and Siau.All of these islands,including Sangir,are parts of the same volcanic chain.Vulcan chains,such as Galapagos and Hawaii,consists of islands which are independently raised from the seabed.In such circumstances,the islands are colonized independently of each other and remain geographically isolated.This leads to pronounced endemism.The three above-mentioned eyelids were searched for ghost animals 2004 and 2005,but the search gave results only on Siau.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Mammalia
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