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Angulate tortoise

(Chersina angulata)



The tortoise angulata ( Chersina angulata Schweigger,1812 ),the only species of the genus Chersina Gray,1830,is a species of turtle of the family of Testudinidi.A distinctive feature of the angulated tortoise is the " scute gulare",that is to say the most front part of the platoon,under the head,extraordinarily enlarged,which is used by the males as a weapon to strike and overturn the rivals during the clashes for supremacy.Medium-small tortoise (males can reach 27.2 cm in length of the carapaceand 2.1 kg of weight,females 21.6 cm in length of the carapace and 1.8 kg),the angulated tortoise has an elongated and dome-shaped carapace,varying in color from yellowish brown to olive green.The scutes of the top of the carapace have large dark bands at the edges and a central region equally dark,while dark triangles decorate the welds of the scutes around the lower edge.The plastron is of variable color from yellow to reddish,with a wide black band that crosses the center.The head is generally dark,often with yellow on the top,the jaws are tightly closed and the upper jaw is hooked.The limbs are yellowish or brown and the fingers are equipped with sturdy nails.The angulated tortoise males are distinguished from the females,as well as for the greater dimensions,longer tail and a concave plastron.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Reptilia
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