Chordates •

Gray's earth snake

(Uropeltis melanogaster)



Dark brown dorsally and ventrally,with yellow spots more or less confluent into a lateral stripe.Some young are yellow,with a dark brown spot on each scale of the dorsum,chin,and tail. Its total length is from 10 to 27 cm (4 to 10⅝ inches). Dorsal scales arranged in 17 rows at midbody,in 19 rows behind the head.Ventrals 141-166;subcaudals 6-10. Snout pointed.Rostral about ⅓ the length of the shielded part of the head.Portion of rostral visible from above longer than its distance from the frontal.Nasals completely separated from each other by the rostral.Frontal longer than broad.Eye small,its diameter less than ½ the length of the ocular shield.Diameter of body 22 to 31 times in the total length.Ventrals only slightly larger than the contiguous scales.Tail round or slightly laterally compressed,dorsal scales of tail with very faint keels.Terminal scute with two small spines

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Reptilia
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