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Phipson's shieldtail

(Uropeltis phipsonii)



Uropeltis phipsonii,commonly known as Phipson's shieldtail,is a species of snake endemic to India.Cylindrical-bodied,smooth-scaled,head narrower than the neck.Tail very short,appears to be cut slant-wise.A broad yellow stripe on each side of the tail.Brown dorsally and ventrally,either uniform or with yellowish dots.A short yellow streak on each side beginning at the corner of the mouth.A yellow crossbar across the vent connecting the yellow stripes on the sides of the tail.Adults may attain 28 cm (11 inches) in total length.Dorsal scales arranged in 17 rows at midbody,in 19 rows behind the head.Ventrals 144-157;subcaudals 7-12.Snout obtusely pointed.Rostral ⅓ the length of the shielded part of the head.Portion of the rostral visible from above longer than its distance from the frontal.Nasals in contact with each other behind the rostral.Frontal longer than broad.Diameter of eye more than ½ the length of the ocular shield.Diameter of body 28 to 38 times in the total length.Ventrals nearly twice as large as the contiguous scales.End of tail flat dorsally,obliquely truncate,with strongly bicarinate or quadricarinate scales.Terminal scute with a transverse ridge and two points.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Reptilia
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