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Uropeltis shorttii

(Uropeltis shorttii)


Uropeltis shorttii commonly known as the Shortt's shieldtail snake is a species of non venomous snake endemic to the Southern Eastern Ghats of India. This species was first described as Silybura shorttii by Richard Henry Beddome, in 1863. It is found only in the Shevaroy Hills of Salem district in Tamil Nadu state in South India. This species was misclassified into Uropeltis ceylanica a snake endemic to the Western Ghats, for a long time, till a recent taxonomic study proved it to be a distinct species with a very narrow-geographic range. It is a burrowing snake, presumed to be nocturnal; feeding on soft-bodied worms. Becomes active during the rains. This is a Data Deficient species, as it is yet to assessed for its conservation status.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Reptilia
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