NPP Satellite Acquires First ATMS Measurements

NPP Satellite Acquires First ATMS Measurements. This global image shows the ATMS channel 18-microwave antenna temperature at 183.3. Therefore the  GHz on November 8, 2011. Although this channel measures atmospheric water vapor. Also the note that Tropical Storm Sean is visible in the data. And as the blue patch, in the Atlantic off the coast of the Southeastern United States. The ATMS data were proceThe Office of Satellite and Product Operations (OSPO) manages and directs the operation of NOAA’s satellites and the acquisition of remotely sensed data. The Office has operational responsibility for the Satellite Operations Control Center (SOCC) at Suitland, MD and Command and Data Acquisition (CDA) facilities at Wallops, VA and Fairbanks, AK to command and control the satellites, to track the satellites, and to acquire, process and distribute their data.ssed at the NOAA Satellite Operations Facility (NSOF) in Suitland, Md. Credit: NASA/NOAA


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