Snow, clouds, and sea ice around South Georgia Island

Snow, clouds, and sea ice around South Georgia Island NASA’s Aqua satellite flew over the South Atlantic Ocean and captured a beautiful image of snow, clouds, and sea ice on.

(SGSSI) is a British Overseas Territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean. It is a remote and inhospitable collection of islands, consisting of South Georgia and a chain of smaller islands known as the South  Islands. South G is 165 kilometres (103 mi) long and 35 kilometres (22 mi) wide and is by far the largest island in the territory. The South Sandwich Islands lie about 700 kilometres (430 mi) southeast of South Georgia. The territory’s total land area is 3,903 km2 (1,507 sq mi). The Falkland Islands are about 1,300 kilometres (810 mi) west from its nearest point. Snow, clouds, and sea ice around South Georgia Island

No permanent native population lives in the Islands, and a very small non-permanent population resides on South Georgia. There are no scheduled passenger flights or ferries to or from the territory, although visits by cruise liners to South Georgia are increasingly popular, with several thousand visitors each summer.

The United Kingdom claimed sovereignty over Georgia in 1775 and the  Islands in 1908. The territory of “South Georgia and the  Islands” was formed in 1985; previously, it had been governed as part of the Falkland Islands Dependencies. Argentina claimed South Georgia in 1927 and claimed the South Sandwich Islands in 1938.

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