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Last update: September 18th, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Springtime in Denmark brings lengthening days, sunny days, and a greening landscape all of which are a delight to visitors and year-round residents alike. The warming days bring many important celebrations: Great Prayer Day, which falls on the fourth Friday after Easter Sunday; Mother’s Day (the Second Sunday in May); the international worker’s campaign and festival day on May 1; and a celebration of Denmark’s liberation from German occupation on May 5. Spring, which runs from March to May, is also a time for planting in the fertile fields and home gardens.

On May 8, 2016, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite flew over Denmark and captured a true-color image of a sunny spring day across the country.

Denmark is located in northern Europe, separating the Baltic Sea (east) from the North Sea. The most notable feature is the Jutland peninsula, which extends about 250 miles (400 km) northward from Germany. The landscape is generally low-lying and gently rolling except for a glacial ridge which runs north to south through central Jutland. This ridge divides the peninsula into two sections: western Jutland, which is windswept, sandy, and has poor soil, and the eastern section which is fertile and densely populated.

Denmark is made up not only of Jutland but also about 440 named islands, many of which are very small. Odense is the large, round island closest to Jutland. Just to its east is the Zealand, the largest island. Copenhagen, the capital and most densely populated city in the nation, is located in the east of Zealand. Zealand and Odense are connected by the Great Belt Bridge Fixed Link – one of the largest bridges in the world. This 18 km- (11 mi) – long bridge carries almost 30,000 cars a day on an average day and around 40,000 in the high summer season. The bridge can be clearly seen in the 250m version of this image.


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