Two tropical cyclones headed for northern Australia •

Last update: October 22nd, 2019 at 2:45 pm

Today’s Image of the Day from NASA Earth Observatory shows two severe tropical cyclones closing in on northern Australia just as the fall season gets underway.

Cyclone Trevor has intensified to a category 4 storm in the Gulf of Carpentaria and is expected to make landfall in the Northern Territory on March 23.

Cyclone Veronica ia approaching Western Australia as a category 4 storm, and is expected to reach the Pilbara Coast by March 23 or 24.

The data used to create this composite image was captured on March 22, 2019 by the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on the Suomi NPP satellite.

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff

Image Credit: NASA Earth Observatory



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