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Pooh the cat walks tall on new bionic legs

The animal world is full of miraculous pets who defy all odds to move beyond various disabilities and lead full and fabulous furry lives. Among them is TurboRoo, the two-legged chihuahua who was born without his two front legs. Turbo’s owners had amazing wheels designed to help him get around and he’s even started a #Nublife movement to show that “handicapable” animals deserve a chance, too. Now, a cat from Bulgaria is joining the miracle pet menagerie sporting brand new bionic legs.

When Pooh, a stray black-and-white cat, wandered into the path of a vehicle and was hit, his back legs were destroyed and his future seemed uncertain. Enter Vladislav Zlatinov, a veterinary surgeon extraordinaire who studied reports in scientific journals in order to design a set of custom-built bionic back legs for Pooh.

Most dog and cat amputees get a set of wheels attached to a sort of cart, but Slatinov felt that legs would be a more fitting solution for the fluffy feline.

While Pooh recovered from his accident, Zlatinov got to work on his creation. Since there are no custom implants for cats currently on the market, he had to start completely from scratch on the design – and wait for Pooh to recover for an entire six weeks before testing them out.

How does Pooh get around on his new legs? Just fine! They’re made of titanium that is implanted into his body, with the external prostheses being interchangeable like shoes. Pooh is adjusting to his new legs and works hard at bathing them and keeping them clean, just like the rest of his body.

Meanwhile, Zlatinov is continuing his amazing work, providing bionic legs for three more cats. There are other hopefuls on a waiting list.

If you thought that birth defects and accidents that deprive a pet of its limbs always spells tragedy, hopefully this story has given you reason for paws!

By Dawn Henderson, Staff Writer

Image: AP

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