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September 2015 Was Hottest Month In Recorded History

September 2015 Was Hottest Month In Recorded History. This past September 2015 was the hottest ever worldwide – the seventh monthly record set this year.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration calculated a global temperature for September of 60.62 degrees (15.9 degrees Celsius), beating the record set in 2014.

Seven of the nine months this year have broken monthly global heat records, tying 1998 for the most monthly heat records broken. This year, only January and April did not surpass records going back to 1880.September 2015 Was Hottest Month In Recorded History

Climate scientists blame man-made global warming and El Nino.

This is has been the hottest first nine months of any year. NOAA climate scientist Jessica Blunden said it would take a highly unlikely cold stretch the rest of the year for 2015 not to pass 2014 as the hottest on record.That human activity has caused climate change is not disputed by any scientific body of national or international standing.The largest driver has been the emission of greenhouse gases, of which more than 90% are carbon dioxide (CO
) and methane. Fossil fuel burning for energy consumption is the main source of these emissions, with additional contributions from agriculturedeforestation, and industrial processes. Temperature rise is accelerated or tempered by climate feedbacks, such as loss of sunlight-reflecting snow and ice cover, increased water vapour (a greenhouse gas itself), and changes to land and ocean carbon sinks.

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