Bryophytes (Mosses, Liverworts, and Hornworts) •

Crenulate Rhabdoweisia Moss

(Rhabdoweisia crenulata)



Rhabdoweisia crenulata is a species of lichen was described by Jameson hadton 1890. They are small mosses that grow in loose green grassy lawns. The few millimeters to 3 centimeters high stems are forked forked and rhizoid felt below. The trunk cross section has no central strand. The dry-curled, moist upright-protruding to protruding leaves are lanceolate -tongue-shaped to linear lanceolate, have flat or undulating edges and a strong rib that ends before the leaf tip. The smooth to slightly mamillösen Laminazellen are above irregularly square and below rectangular; Leaf wing cells are not differentiated. The species are autochetic (antheridia and archegonia on different branches of the same plant). The upright, yellow, 2 to 6 millimeters long Seta carries an upright, oval Sporenkapsel with 8 strips or furrows and 16 undivided Peristomzähnen . The capsule lid is long and crooked, the kalyptra cap-shaped.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Bryophyta
Class: Bryopsida
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