Pteridophytes (Spore Producing Plants: Ferns and More) •

Common horsetail

(Equisetum arvense arvense)



Morphology/Physiology Active Growth Period Spring After Harvest Regrowth Rate Slow Bloat None C:N Ratio Coppice Potential No Fall Conspicuous No Fire Resistant No Flower Color Green Flower Conspicuous No Foliage Color Green Foliage Porosity Summer Porous Foliage Porosity Winter Porous Foliage Texture Coarse Fruit/Seed Color Green Fruit/Seed Conspicuous No Growth Form Rhizomatous Growth Rate Rapid Height at 20 Years, Maximum (feet) Height, Mature (feet) 0.9 Known Allelopath No Leaf Retention No Lifespan Short Low Growing Grass No Nitrogen Fixation None Resprout Ability No Shape and Orientation Erect Toxicity Moderate Growth Requirements Adapted to Coarse Textured Soils Yes Adapted to Fine Textured Soils Yes Adapted to Medium Textured Soils Yes Anaerobic Tolerance Medium CaCO3 Tolerance Medium Cold Stratification Required No Drought Tolerance None Fertility Requirement Low Fire Tolerance None Frost Free Days, Minimum 100 Hedge Tolerance None Moisture Use High pH, Minimum 4.0 pH, Maximum 7.0 Planting Density per Acre, Minimum 10912 Planting Density per Acre, Maximum 19360 Precipitation, Minimum 20 Precipitation, Maximum 100 Root Depth, Minimum (inches) 6 Salinity Tolerance None Shade Tolerance Intermediate Temperature, Minimum (-F) -43 Reproduction Bloom Period Spring Commercial Availability Routinely Available Fruit/Seed Abundance Medium Fruit/Seed Period Begin Spring Fruit/Seed Period End Fall Fruit/Seed Persistence No Propagated by Bare Root Yes Propagated by Bulb No Propagated by Container No Propagated by Corm No Propagated by Cuttings No Propagated by Seed Yes Propagated by Sod No Propagated by Sprigs Yes Propagated by Tubers Yes Seed per Pound Seed Spread Rate Slow Seedling Vigor Medium Small Grain No Vegetative Spread Rate Moderate Suitability/Use Berry/Nut/Seed Product No Christmas Tree Product No Fodder Product No Fuelwood Product Lumber Product No Naval Store Product No Nursery Stock Product No Palatable Browse Animal Low Palatable Graze Animal Low Palatable Human No Post Product No Protein Potential Pulpwood Product No Veneer Product No

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Equisetophyta
Class: Equisetopsida
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