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Trichomanes crinitum

(Trichomanes crinitum)



Trichomanes holopterum is classified in the subgenus Trichomanes . This species has the following characteristics: The rhizome is terminated in a cestigous habit, with a short stipe, in which are dark brown to black roots; The fronds have a petiole shorter than the limbus; The blade is lanceolate, divided once, about 10 cm long by 2 cm wide, with hair on the veins; The fine cellular membrane of the limb entirely surrounding all the veins and the petiole is at the origin of the specific epithet; The sores are located at the end of the segments; The indusia is tubular; Each sore bears a long dark columella (two or three times the length of the indusia). It has a variety: Trichomanes holopterum var. Lherminieri ( F-e ) Domin (1929) - (Synonym: Trichomanes lherminieri F-e ). This species, like Vandenboschia speciosa , is tetraphoid in the sporophytic stage (4n = 128 chromosomes) and can develop at the gametophyte stage (prothalle) without moving to the sporophytic stage, this vegetative form being even dominant ( As in the Bryophytes ) 1

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Plantae
Class: Polypodiopsida
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