New device can reverse opioid overdose -

New device can reverse opioid overdose


New device can reverse opioid overdose Today’s Video of the Day from Purdue University describes a wearable device that has been designed to detect an opioid overdose and deliver naloxone.

The technology will automatically trigger the release of the life-saving drug when a person’s respiration rate drops too low.  New device can reverse opioid overdose

“The antidote is always going to be with you,” said study co-author Professor Hyowon “Hugh” Lee. “The device wouldn’t require you to recognize that you’re having an overdose or to inject yourself with naloxone, keeping you stable long enough for emergency services to arrive.”  FDA Approves InnovativeNew Device toReverse Opiate Overdose. When Activated, HandheldDevice Gives Verbal Instructions and AdministersOverdose Antidote Naloxone. Dramatic Increase inOverdose Deaths Sparks National Momentum Toward Health-Based Drug Policies. Overdose prevention advocates are welcoming the news of anew overdose reversal tool coming to pharmacies soon. 

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

Video Credit: Purdue University/ Erin Easterling


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