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Bare-necked umbrellabird

(Cephalopterus glabricollis)


The male measures 41 cm.and weighs 450 g,and the female 36 cm.and 320 g.It is large,robust,black,with a broad,thick beak and a large head (especially in the male it looks larger due to its spectacular crest in the form of an umbrella).The wings are long and wide and the tail is short.The male adult is completely black,with a strong blue frosting above that provides a scaled effect on the mantle.It is more opaque black and fusco below,with the guns of the paler feathers,and the throat skin bright orange.The chest is vermilion and forms an inflatable bag that becomes scarlet when it is distended at its maximum volume.The females are more opaque black,with less bluish luster.The shortest crest gives the head a flat,bulbous appearance.It has small orange nude areas on each side of the front of the neck.The jaw is black,the jaw is gray with black at the base and the legs are dark gray.Juvenile specimens are similar to the adult female but with the most gray plumage,the shortest and fluffiest crest and the bare area of ​​the smallest and most opaque neck

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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