What is Earth.com?

Earth.com is the premier internet destination for those who care about our planet and environment and want to make a difference. Founded by Eric Ralls, Earth.com, inc. is headquartered in Telluride, CO and was launched on October 1, 2016.

Earth.com is for people who care about the Earth and have an interest in nature, the environment, and science. It’s for those who care about our planet and want to make a difference.

We are committed to providing stimulating, original content and presentation. This begins with roughly 6 million pages of news articles, blogs, videos, images, and a page for almost every living species on the planet.

The beautiful and engaging forum created at Earth.com promotes a friendly, fun, and open environment. It excels at enhancing user loyalty and community, while advancing Earth.com’s goal of providing the world with a virtual Utopia for intelligent, curious minds.

Part news site, part encyclopedia, Earth.com is also home to a vast trove of information regarding life on our planet. We have cataloged every known plant and animal from the Agave to the Zebra. This provides a functioning reference library to satiate your curiosity or assist in research projects. Our image and video galleries include remarkable satellite imagery of the blue planet as well as scientific findings and experiments.

Another special feature of our site is an area devoted specifically to following the plight of species with Endangered status. We place great importance on providing the latest conservation news, photos, and facts.

In addition, Earth.com and Eric Ralls recently launched EarthSnap.

EarthSnap, a first-of-its-kind app, enables users to identify all types of Earth’s plant and animal species via a mobile phone camera, encouraging users to learn about and document the natural world around them. EarthSnap is citizen science in action.

When users upload photos of plants or animals to EarthSnap, the app utilizes a custom-built, patent-pending AI machine learning solution to identify the subject and share details like habitat, global population distribution and known history on Earth.

These uploaded photos also contribute to EarthSnap’s ever-growing database – applications of which include recording animal migration habits, shifting habitats and animal behavior. This information will be open-source and shared with citizens and the scientific community – it will not be sold or privatized.

EarthSnap, by Earth.com and Eric Ralls, exemplifies global community education at the nexus of nature and tech. The EarthSnap ethos is rooted in fostering a better understanding of the planet we call home.

“My goal has always been to bring people back to nature, to help them realize that humanity is a part of nature, not ‘apart’ from nature,” says Eric Ralls, Founder and CEO of EarthSnap.

“Homosapiens are only one species out of over 8 million species of life with whom we share this planet. Yet humanity treats the earth like it is ours alone to do with as we please, even though we’ve only been here for a few hundred thousand years out of the 3.5 billion years that this beautiful blue marble has been zipping through the universe.”

Say goodbye to having 20 news tabs open every morning, and say hello to Earth.com – your planet’s first home on the web.

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