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Rory Arnold


Rory Arnold is the Editor of and contributes a wide variety of content for the site. He graduated from New York University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Media, Culture, & Communication. He loves dogs and giraffes.

Kyla Cathey

Staff Writer

Kyla is based out of California and serves as the weekend editor. Kyla has written for numerous news outlets and has been a key contributor to the growth and development of

Kay Vandette

Staff Writer

Kay Vandette is a freelance writer and has written everything from film and food reviews to travel and lifestyle articles.

She has been featured in national publications and blogs and runs a website dedicated to providing tips for beginner freelance writers.

Kay is passionate about living a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle and loves writing for

Connor Ertz

Staff Writer

Connor Ertz lives in Boston and works as the Marketing Writer for Boston Children’s Hospital’s Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center. He holds degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Gettysburg College, and has been writing for science and news outlets for the last three years. 


Chrissy Sexton

Staff Writer

Ever since I was very young exploring the woods behind my house I have been fascinated with nature. I love writing for because I stay informed on the biggest environmental issues and I get to play a small role in keeping others informed. I am currently studying human services at East Tennessee State University, and previously studied media communications and cyber security.


Zach Fitzner

Contributing Writer

Zach Fitzner studied biology in college. His love for animals, the outdoors and adventure has taken him all over the world as a volunteer, traveler and biology technician. Originally from Colorado, Zach is often found outdoors travelling or working as a fossil preparator. He has written for numerous environmental sites and contributes original content for You can follow along with Zach’s adventures on his blog.

Richard Pallardy

Contributing Writer

Richard Pallardy is a freelance writer based out of Chicago. He was an editor for Encyclopedia Britannica for eight years. His work has been published in Areo Magazine and in National Geographic Learning books, among other outlets.

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