Chordates •

Wattled curassow

(Crax globulosa)



The wattled curassow is about 82–89 cm (32–35 in) long,and weighs around 2,500 g (88 oz).It is a large curassow lacking the white tail-tips found in many of these birds;the feathers along the crest of its head are curled forwards.Males have black plumage all over except for the white crissum.The irides are dark brown;legs,feet and bill are blackish.It has conspicuous crimson bill ornaments—a round red knob with bony core adorns the maxilla base,while the cere extends apically at least halfway under this knob and below the mandible base forms a small fleshy wattle.Females have black plumage just like the male,but their crissal area is reddish buff.In some,the remiges and sometimes the wing coverts have faint brownish marbling.Their bills and irides are also blackish,but their feet and legs are a greyish flesh color.They lack the bill knob and wattles,and their cere is bright orange-red.Young males have less well-developed facial ornaments,usually with a more yellowish hue like females do.

Taxonomic tree:

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
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