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High heels boost confidence, but can cause serious injury

Beauty is pain, isn’t that what they say? And as any woman who has hobbled home after a long day in heels will tell you, the pain is very real. But according to a new study, both women and men prefer individuals who wear heels, and men are twice as likely to give attention or offer help to a woman who is wearing heels.

Surveys have also shown that women find that wearing heels can boost confidence because they make one feel more attractive.

But the decision to wear heels forces one to forgo comfort and practicality, and risk many different injuries from back pain to broken ankles.

Researchers at Aberdeen University published a study that looked at high heels and their high-risk factor and discussed this unspoken societal expectation.

“There is pressure on women to wear heels, and celebrity influence with people such as Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton making it fashionable to do so, whether they intend to or not,” said Dr. Max Barnish, lead author of the study.

The facts prove that heels can be quite detrimental to a person’s health, as they can cause back pain, ankle problems, and an increased risk of falling.

Studies performed on the impact the high heel has on the foot over time and they all point to differences between women who wear high heels regularly to women who wear flats. Choosing not to wear high heels could also strengthen the ankle and prevent further injury.

Science is by no means demanding a boycott of one of the most popular shoe styles. But workplace dress codes and government mandates could focus more attention on making the heel optional, leaving the decision up to the individual.


By Kay Vandette, Staff Writer

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