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Your world: top non-profit Instagram feeds dedicated to big cats

Here at, we always like to highlight some of the incredible work being done by nature and wildlife non-profit organizations all around the world. Today, in our regular “Your World” feature, we celebrate the top non-profit Instagram feeds dedicated to big cats.


C.A.R.E. – Care Rescue Texas (non-profit, Texas)

Allucia amidst the peet prints. Snow day 2015. 📷: @heidiberrykrahn

A photo posted by C.A.R.E. (@carerescuetexas) on


Panthera (non-profit, New York)


Central Florida Animal Reserve (non-profit, Central Florida)

Slow motion #lion yawn from Cunsi the #lioness. Look at those teeth and that jaw span! #teamcfar #snugglysunday

A video posted by Central Florida Animal Reserve (@cflarbigcats) on


NW Boreal Forest Lynx Project (non-profit, Colorado)


Snow Leopard Trust (non-profit, Washington)


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