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People have deep emotional connections with their dogs

People have a stronger connection to their dogs than previously thought, according to a recent survey conducted by OnePoll in partnership with PuppySpot. Out of the 2,000 American dog owners surveyed, 69 percent considered their dog their best friend, 73 percent claimed that having a dog has improved their emotional well-being, and a staggering 83 percent of respondents who also had children strongly agreed that taking care of their dogs is as important as taking care of their children.

“As a community of dog lovers, we know firsthand about the various ways dog parents show love and affection to their fur baby, and how these moments build trust and create a life-long bond,” said Claire Komorowski, the CEO of PuppySpot. “Whether it’s through long walks, special treats, new toys or, simply some cuddles, every dog needs to be cared for in a way that shows them just how special and adored they are.”

Indeed, the survey results show that dog owners love pampering their pet companions with “treats and cuddles,” “new toys,” or “long walks.” Three quarters of the respondents claimed they spend over 300 hours per year looking for the best treats and toys available on the market, while 57 percent of the participants never failed to celebrate their dogs’ birthdays.

Dog “parents” also seem to have a tough time staying away from their pups. Many take their dogs with them when they have to run errands (51 percent) or when they are meeting their families and friends (40 percent). Moreover, two in five dog owners look for restaurants that allow pets, while 35 percent of the respondents prioritize pet-friendly vacation spots.

Most respondents recall bringing home their newly acquired dog as the happiest day of their lives (72 percent), and highly cherish other memories, such as when their dog first jumped or fell asleep on their lap. Finally, the fact more than 8 in 10 participants who also had children did not hesitate to declare that they consider their dogs as important as their children is further proof that, for most people, their relationship with their furry companions is highly significant, offering strong emotional rewards.

By Andrei Ionescu, Staff Writer

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