Corn used to produce high-quality hand sanitizer -

Corn used to produce high-quality hand sanitizer


Today’s Video of the Day from the University of Missouri describes how scientists in the College of Engineering led by Bill Buttlar are helping to fight the spread of COVID-19 using high quality ethanol from corn.

The researchers have shifted their attention from building better roads and stronger bridges to creating an ethanol-based alcohol hand sanitizer.

“The flexibility of the collective lab spaces at Mizzou Engineering allows for a variety of engineering research activities to be conducted in any particular space,” said Buttlar.

“Therefore, some of the common ‘plug and play’ equipment found in many of the labs, such as the in-line gas supply, distilled water, exhaust system and material storage cabinets, quickly enabled my team to convert our research efforts into setting up a hand sanitizer production station. The ‘can-do’ attitude held by my team is one of the things that makes working in the engineering community so rewarding.”

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

Video Credit: University of Missouri


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