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EnviroAtlas Interactive Mapping Tool


EnviroAtlas is a suite of tools and resources, including an interactive mapping application and multiple analysis tools, that allows users to access, view and analyze diverse information to better understand how to conserve, restore and sustain ecosystems. Accessible via the internet, users do not need additional GIS software or special expertise to use EnviroAtlas.
Using powerful web application tools, EnviroAtlas lets users generate customized maps and images that show the condition of their local community”s air, water, and landscape; as well as population density and other demographic data. Users can investigate land cover patterns, see how ecosystem services reduce pollution, and view closer to true scale data to compare them across selected communities. Communities are often faced with difficult decisions, such as trade-offs between transportation, residential or commercial development and maintaining local wetlands, urban green spaces, or urban forests. EnviroAtlas helps communities better understand the potential benefits and drawbacks of their decisions by providing data, maps, information and tools to analyze relationships between nature, health and well-being, and the economy. It has been developed through collaboration between EPA; US Geological Survey; US Forest Service; other federal, state, and non-profit organizations; and several universities.

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