How is climate change affecting banana production? •

How is climate change affecting banana production?


How is climate change affecting banana production? Today’s Video of the Day from the University of Exeter describes how climate change will affect banana cultivation in many of the largest producing countries. 

While warming temperatures have been more favorable and boosted banana production in recent decades, some of these gains will decline or vanish completely as the climate becomes more extreme. 

The researchers determined that 10 countries, including India and Brazil, are set to experience a significant decline in crop yields. For countries such as Ecuador and Honduras, on the other hand, climate change will likely improve crop yields.  While many reports have looked at the impact of climate change on agricultural production, the effect rising temperatures and changing rainfall.  As seen above in video it will  show you How is climate change affecting banana production Climate change could negatively impact banana cultivation in some of the world’s most important producing and exporting countries, a study has revealed.

“We’re very concerned about the impact of diseases like Fusarium Wilt on bananas, but the impacts of climate change have been largely ignored,” said study lead author Dr. Dan Bebber. “There will be winners and losers in the coming years, and our study may stimulate vulnerable countries to prepare through investment in technologies like irrigation.”

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

Video Credit: University of Exeter

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