Human urine could make a sustainable fertilizer •

Human urine could make a sustainable fertilizer


Human urine could make a sustainable fertilizer Today’s Video of the Day from the National Science Foundation (NSF) introduces the concept of using human urine as a fertilizer for more sustainable farming practices.

Both fertilizer and urine are made up of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. The major difference is that urine does not require any energy to produce.

Experts from the University of Michigan and the non-profit Rich Earth Institute are testing new ways to process human urine into fertilizer. Statistically provento increase yields This age-old fertilization practice has been brought back by many looking to harness all of the resources close to them in order to lessen harm.

The Ugandan study used the following method: “The urine was applied close to the ground in furrows along the plant rows, which were immediately covered with soil. Urine is not applied as a foliar spray, as many organic fertilizers often are, but rather directly to the soil near the base of the plants.  Also Nearly every source out there will tell you that you need to dilute the urine with water at a 10:1 water to urine ratio. And as seen above Human urine could make a sustainable fertilizer And there is a lot of people who historically practice in their own gardens and orchards.

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

Video Credit: National Science Foundation

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